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First World Rural (problems)


First World Rural

March 22 · Issue #1 · View online

First World (Rural) Problems - Bringing the 21st century past city limits.

A Classic Meme and a Quixotic Quest

First World Problems Meme Image
First World Problems Meme Image
I’m a freelance developer who lives out of the city, reliant on my ISP for my connection to my workplace, which is ‘the cloud’.
I was chatting with a client in California via Slack, and I was complaining about something - it might have been shovelling my driveway:
Good aerobic workout
Good aerobic workout
Or it might have been starting one of my old cars in the cold. Whatever it was, I dismissed it as a first world rural problem.
My client immediately picked up on the meme and his response led me to register a couple of domains (which I am now using for this newsletter).
I’ve been trying to figure out how to frame a newsletter that would make sense to people, that would add value, and that would let me share some of the random ideas in my head.
I’ve been trying to start a small business from that log house at the bottom of the driveway for the last 5 years. I have worked my way up to the top rank on Upwork, doing data integrations for clients all over the world. I’ve developed enough of a reputation as a Bullhorn integration specialist that niche recruiters occasionally call me to work for them instead of to, well, recruit me.
But nothing has stuck.
I have pages of business models in various notebooks. I have a fairly complex business analysis framework worked out. I have a dynamic website planned out, based on configurations in spreadsheets. The result would be user-editable web sites and apps that do basic integration between other apps - like a customizable Zapier combined with a basic WordPress site that has membership capability.
But that’s just the most recent business plan. I’ve got plenty that I’ve spent some quality time on. All of them relate to themes in the marketplace and in technology.
I’ve decided to share my best stuff through this email newsletter. Business plans, business models, tech ideas, philosophy, human nature, coaching, team building- everything I learn, everything in all these notebooks.
A few years ago I sent out a bunch of emails with one book, one web app, one business idea every week. They were well received (by many of you) but they got no traction.
So instead of sharing other people’s ideas, I’m going to share my own, mixed in with my story of moving out into rural Alberta, building a 4-storey log house, fighting with cars, internet providers, propane delivery trucks, county road maintenance, fireplaces, chainsaws, furnaces, wiring, commutes, remote work, time zone differences, and too many tabs open in my browser.
Some of my old cars
Some of my old cars
Welcome to my life! I have some first world (rural) problems, but overall I can’t complain. If you want more, I’ll send something every week. If you think it might be worthwhile, forward it on to someone else.
Talk to you next week!
Dave from North Creek
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